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About Focus-On

FocusOn is an annually recurring project which is organized at the Royal
Institute of Technology, KTH, in Stockholm, Sweden.
The main purpose of the project is to establish links between businesses and students in
Sweden and abroad.
Since we began in 2002 our operations have grown and today we are the leading
international student project at KTH.






One of our goals is to provide possibilities for students and companies to come together and learn and inspire eachother.

To do this we arrange fun social events where this meeting can take place.

Take the opportunity to join us on this exciting journey by staying tuned to find out what the next adventure will be!

Our Team

FocusOn is run by a project team consisting of 10 committed students who want to explore the engineering profession nationally and internationally and disseminate the experience to other present and future engineering students.

Kim Gutestam
Project leader
Daniela Eriksson
Project leader
Stephanie Flodman
Sales manager
Viktoria Losenius Lindahl
International relations manager
Christian Bergqvist
Company manager
Michaela Jernbeck
Event manager
Tove Ekblom
Event manager
Simon Carlson
PR manager
Erik Pettersson
Finance manager
Kanar Mahmud

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