FocusOn 2015


Ansökan till projektgruppen för FocusOn 2015 har öppnat!

FocusOn är KTHs största internationella projekt och nu har du chansen att söka till projektgruppen för 2015. Projektet kommer att ledas av oss, Kim Gutestam och Daniela Eriksson, och fokus i år kommer vara på Costa Rica. Costa Rica är ett land med många möjligheter och vi ser fram emot att utforska det med er. Förutom bra meriter och roliga erfarenheter får du som medlem i projektet 15 högskolepoäng på avancerad nivå.

Hur söker jag till projektet? 

Rekryteringen sker löpande och du ansöker genom att fylla i följande frågeformulär:
Sista ansökningsdag är 31 januari, men ta chansen och ansök redan idag!


Om du har några frågor om projektet eller ansökningen är du självklart välkommen med frågor till Kim Gutestam: eller Daniela Eriksson:

About Us


Who we are

FocusOn is an annually recurring project which is organized at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, in Stockholm, Sweden. The main purpose of the project is to establish links between businesses and students in Sweden and abroad. Since we began in 2002 our operations have grown and today we are the leading international student project at KTH. FocusOn is run by a project team consisting of 10 committed students who want to explore the engineering profession internationally and disseminate the experience to other present and future engineering students.



What we do

By carefully listening to the needs of students and companies, we create opportunities for both parties to meet. By designing customized events, companies get the chance to locate their future talents and students get the opportunity to explore what qualities their future employers are looking for. With our deep knowledge in KTH and our broad networking abilities, FocusOn is a powerful tool when it comes to connecting companies to talent.

How we do it

By offering companies events and marketing for students at KTH, an annual trip to any country in the world is arranged. This year’s trip goes to Indonesia, which is Asia’s biggest economy and has one of the world’s fastest growing industrializations. This rapid industrialization and the fact that the country has over 240 million inhabitants, lead to both contradictions and environmental problems and the misson of FocusOn is to study the country closer. This year’s focus is to enlighten adolescents of the opportunities of the engineering profit and inform about the opportunities in Indonesia.

Want to find out more?

We appriciate all thougths and are open for your ideas so if you, as a student, have requests or questions about upcoming events – don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you are a company and want to know more about our product portfolio or have any questions about our marketing methods or implementations of events – contact us! We would be happy to meet you and set up a solution to your liking and we are determined to help you find the expertise you are looking for.

Check out our homepage on Facebook or follow us on Instagram to keep yourself updated on upcoming happenings!

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Recent news will be posted here


FocusOn är KTHs största internationella projekt och nu har du chansen att söka till projektgruppen för 2015! Projektet kommer att ledas av oss, Kim Gutestam och Daniela Eriksson, och fokus i år kommer ligga på Costa Rica. Costa Rica är ett land med många möjligheter och vi ser fram emot att utforska det med er. […]

Studybuddy erbjuder dig som student det perfekta extrajobbet. Som anställd får du inte bara en merit för framtiden utan du får även ta del av inspirerande seminarium, aktiviteter för nätverkande, hjälp i ditt nästa steg i karriären genom vårt uppskattade coachningsprogram såsom CV- granskning, intervjuträning mm. samt flexibla arbetstider där du själv bestämmer hur mycket […]

Är du intresserad av utvecklingsfrågor har du hittat rätt! Föreningen för Utvecklingsfrågor, FUF, är en ideell förening. FUF har två verksamhetsben, varav det ena är att informera och skapa debatt om utvecklingsfrågor i ett globalt perspektiv och det andra är att bistå unga vuxna med intresse för globala utvecklingsfrågor att komma ut på arbetsmarknaden. Under […]



140911, 140923, 141008 – Studybuddy

Visit our partner’s tent at KTH campus and take the opportunity to talk with some of their talented employees about
job opportunities. They will also offer coffee, tea and some refreshments!

Find us here!

140916 – MyAcademy

Another chance to meet with one of our partners and discuss job opportunities and at the same time
enjoy your second breakfast. At MyAcademys tent you get to mix your own muesli!

Find us here!

141015 - Lunch lecture with Unionen

Unionen is hosting a lunch lecture about leadership and how to become a better boss. Join the lecture
in order to get useful advises, both for your future career and for your present studies at KTH.

141016 – FocusOn Fair

This is our own event and we take the chance to invite our partners and KTH students to an evening of competitions,
mingle and other exciting activities. 
This is also the time for our film premiere, you don’t want to miss out!

Find us here!

141105 – Case solving with Ciber

Do you have a genuine interest in IT and programming and are a masters student at KTH?
Sign up for an evening of case solving together with Ciber! During the evening you will work in groups,
solving a reality based situation reflecting to a customer project. Representatives from CIber and former
trainees will also talk about what it’s like to work at Ciber and inform you about their popular trainee-program!


Preparing yourself before you attend an event will make it worth your while.

- Make sure you know the company hosting the event , do your background reading!
- Come up with questions for the company representatives
- Clarify what your goal with attending the event is



Main sponsor


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The Team



Project Manager

Project Manager

& Travel Manager

Business Relations

Business Relations

Art Director
& Webmaster

Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Public Relations

Public Relations

Contact Us


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about FocusOn!



 Contact Information

Project Managers
Jana Wennberg-Jansson  linkedin
Eli Lundberg  linkedin

Business Relations
Rebecca Hammel  linkedin
Ufuk Kala  linkedin

Accounting & Travel Manager
Izabelle Back

Event Coordinators
Anna Söderberg
Amanda Sten  linkedin

Public Relations
Lina Rylander
Mikael Olsson  linkedin

Art Director & Webmaster
Katja Åström  linkedin


Previous Years


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