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FocusOn: India 2016 6:49 AM News

Today was the first company visit for FocusOn 2016! The project group had the pleasure to visit Sandvik India in Pune and their country strategy manager, Mr. P. Angala Srinivasan. Mr. Srinivasan held a presentation on the challenges and benefits of managing a global company with Swedish values in India and how Sandvik India contribute to the development of local communities.

”There are lots of challenges and challenges are opportunities”
P. Angala Srinivasan

After the presentation, the project group got the chance to visit the production plant in Pune and get a lesson in both how a LEAN production system is implemented in the industry and how a global operation is specialized to fit an emerging market. In the facility in Pune, Sandvik has one of their biggest R&D centres outside of Sweden, fully equipped with SEM microscopes, stress testes, specialized furnaces and computer simulations.

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After a very interesting day in Pune, the project group now flies to Delhi for even more companies and some well-deserved weekend! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates!

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