FocusOn: India 2016 6:49 AM News

After the visit in Naggarro the group split into three taxis for their second visit of the day and because of the heavy traffic only two taxis made it to destination in time. The project group got to visit the headquarters of IKEA in India and talk to the Swedish Chief Communications Officer of IKEA India, Patrik Antoni.

Patrik spoke about how he came to lead this project in India, where he has been working before India and how IKEA will establish in India. Although only 1-2% of India know about IKEA today, Patrik think IKEA will have a huge impact because there is no company that does anything like IKEA in INDIA

Inspired by the visit, the project group prepared for the final company visit of the trip - TATA Consultancy Services! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates!

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