About FocusOn

FocusOn is an annual student driven project conducted on KTH with the aim of creating and building connections between businesses and students in both Sweden and abroad The project has through the years acknowledged the international opportunities made possible by engineering studies at KTH.

The focus of this year's project is to create connections between students and companies on such a level that India can be viewed by students as an attractive alternative for future career opportunities, or as a destination in which to write your master thesis. There are endless possibilities all over the world as an engineer. We, as engineering students, want to share this possiblity in order to make more of our peers discover the potential with an engineering education.

After FocusOn 2016, participating companies and students should be able to feel that there is a platform on an individual level, upon which there is room to grow future cooperation.

Jennie Hermansson
Project Manager


Deborah Mezgebu
Project Manager


Sofia Johansson
Marketing Manager


Simon Gärtner
Editor-In-Chief and Webmaster


Zakaria Kazi-Tani
Financial Manager


Petri Suoranta
Business- and Event Manager


Fredrika Kringberg
Business- and Event Manager


Denis Corluka
Business- and Event Manager


Jennie Lodén
Business- and Event Manager


Eric Lansing
Business- and Event Manager